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Eliminate Food Insecurity

Achieving our vision takes the engagement of the restaurant community, the service provider community, and individuals.


A revolutionary, but obvious, new business model

The Nourish to Flourish Initiative addresses the critical issue of food insecurity in Salt Lake City while simultaneously providing a badly needed boost to the local restaurant industry.

Our dual vision is to eliminate food insecurity while revitalizing our restaurant industry—first along the Wasatch Front, and then more broadly throughout Utah and across the country.

The Process

Step 1:

Food Preparation

Local restaurants prepare thousands of fresh, healthy meals every week at a price that is a pre-agreed discount from the regular menu price. 

Step 2:

Food Distribution

The meals are delivered by volunteers to the pre-determined non-profit service providers who address the needs of vulnerable groups within our community.

Step 3:


Funding organizations donate to the Lightspark Foundation and, through the Nourish to Flourish Initiative, pay the participating restaurants for each meal. Where do donations go?

“Our vision is simple: first, to eliminate food insecurity along the Wasatch Front; second, across our state; and third, throughout our entire country.”

Jonathan Ruga
Board Chair, Lightspark Foundation

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Even before the COVID crisis, 9% of Utahns lived in poverty and approximately 11% of our population (almost 400,000 people) experienced food insecurity. Despite these bleak numbers, there is hope. The Nourish to Flourish Initiative can help eliminate food insecurity by mobilizing and empowering local communities to address the issue. And when we do it here, our success will be replicated across the United States. Community funding, however, is a critical component of making this vision a reality.

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